everX Flow/G-ænial A'CHORD Starter Syringe Kit

everX Flow/G-ænial A'CHORD Starter Syringe Kit


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G-ænial A’CHORD is a universal composite restorative with a simplified unishade system and the latest addition to the G-ænial range, the culmination of 10 years of clinical success, representing the ideal balance of simplicity, aesthetics and advanced technology in one product.

G-ænial A’CHORD offers dentists a versatile universal composite for anterior and posterior restorations. Thanks to its simplified unishade system, it achieves the aesthetics of the 16 classic Vita shades with its 5 core shades. It achieves invisible restorations with a reduced inventory and quick polishing which makes it not only time efficient but also cost effective.

everX Flow is a short-fibre reinforced flowable composite indicated for dentin replacement in direct restorations (together with a conventional composite as enamel layer), and for core build-up.

everX Flow is available in two unique shades to answer all your clinical needs.The Bulk shade displays a depth of cure of 5.5mm and is perfect for deep cavities, or whenever you want to speed up the treatment. The Dentin shade has a higher opacity and requires to be layered, and will be the best choice when you are looking for the best possible aesthetic results.

Content: everX Flow 1x Bulk, 1x Dentine + G-ænial A’CHORD 1xA2, 1xA3

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