EQUIA Forte HT Promo Pack A2-A3

EQUIA Forte HT Promo Pack A2-A3


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Bulk Fill Glass Hybrid Long Term Restorative System.

EQUIA Forte HT is a new member of GC’s Glass Hybrid family. A restorative system designed to provide you a unique solution for your posterior restorations.

Unique Glass Hybrid Technology: The uniqueness of Glass Hybrid Technology resides in:

  • Using different sizes of filler‚Äôs particles
  • Intelligent particle‚Äôs distribution and interaction in the filling matrix
  • combining the filling material with a protective multifunctional monomer coat


  • Superior bulk fill material for class I & II restorations*
  • The high-molecular-weight polyacrylic acid in the filling makes the cement matrix stronger and chemically more stable
  • EQUIA Forte Coat fillers increases surface hardness and wear resistance

Easy to handle

  • Moisture tolerant, no rubber dam needed
  • Long working time and short setting time, making the total procedure from application to coating of only 3‚Äô25‚Äù
  • Small particles acting as lubricant for an easy contour and non-sticky handling
  • No need for conditioning or bonding with its built-in chemical adhesion capacity and outstanding wettability.


  • Using particles and fillers with close refractive indexes reflects more light to the eye and gives more translucency.
  • With EQUIA Forte HT your posterior restoration is more natural and aesthetic.

(*according to the Instruction for Use)

Contains: 100 Capsules Equia Forte HT Fil (0.40g) Powder and 0.13g (0.10ml) Liquid, Mixed Volume per Capsule (0.14ml) and 1 bottle EQUIA Forte Coat 4ml, Disposable applicator (25)

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