Essentia Untips DE

Essentia Untips DE


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PRODUCT CODE : 10003548

Light-cured radiopaque universal composite restorative.


Intuitive shade concept, bold & straightforward: Seven shades to solve all clinical cases! Reduced inventory - all shades will be of use

The different compositions of Dentin & Enamel shades bring natural optical behaviour for beautiful results

Dentin shades are opaque enough: no need to use an extra opaque shade to mask the preparation line

Essentia features optimal handling & optical properties in all situations

  • Dentins: soft for an easy sculpting and an excellent shade adaptation
  • Enamels: slightly more compact and guarantee an excellent gloss
  • Universal: packable for an easy application in the posterior area
  • Masking Liner: injectable and very opaque, perfect for deep discoloured cavities

Essentia simplifies the polishing procedure, with only a few steps to achieve long-term gloss retention

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