Fuji CEM 2 Mixing Tips SL

Fuji CEM 2 Mixing Tips SL


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PRODUCT CODE : 10003464

Paste-paste resin-modified glass ionomer luting cement.

Indications - ideal for the cementation of:-

  • Metal-based, zirconia, alumina and resin restorations
  • Feldspathic and leucite-reinforced inlays
  • Lithium disilicate restorations, especially when perfect isolation can ºt be assured
  • Metal, ceramic, fibre post and cast post and cores


  • Chemical adhesion to tooth structure, ensuring an excellent marginal seal
  • Moisture tolerant - a ‚Äúmust-have‚Äù when moisture control cannot be guaranteed
  • Quick and easy - no need for etching and bonding
  • Rubbery consistency for easy removal of excess
  • Virtually no post-operative sensitivity: a pulp-friendly solution
  • Handmix or automix: the choice is yours!

Only compatible with FujiCEM 2 cartridge SL

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