Fujirock EP Premium Pastel Yellow

Fujirock EP Premium Pastel Yellow


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Used in the production of all kinds of dental prosthetics, GC stones are specifically designed to produce consistently accurate models and dies, fully meeting the requirements of the modern dental laboratory. GC presents two stones that can be combined perfectly to create the foundation of your aesthetics:

  • Fujirock EP Classic, a truly all-round stone
  • Fujirock EP Premium, an improved stone for high-performance techniques

Each stone comes in a range of colours that allow you to create shade combinations that bring out the best in your work... and your laboratory.


  • GC Fujirock EP Classic: ideal for all kinds of prosthetics, combining high precision, outstanding edge hardness and high-pressure stability.
  • GC Fujirock EP Premium: specially developed for high performance and sensitive technologies such as extended implant cases and complex full-ceramic indications


  • Excellent physical properties
  • Short mixing time (about 1 min), extended working time
  • Short setting time
  • Removable from cast after just 30 min
  • Highly fluid thixotropic properties allowing precise reproduction
  • Low expansion (less than 0.08%)
  • Immediate stability for a perfect fit with the prosthesis

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