Pattern Resin LS Powder

Pattern Resin LS Powder


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PRODUCT CODE : 10001703

Low shrinkage modelling resin.

Pattern Resin LS is a long-term proven material for a wide range of laboratory and chair-side indications.

Besides the major applications this unique modelling resin is suitable for a great number of everyday “detail” situations. The thixotropy of the resin results in excellent flow behaviour and handling properties, its high wettability allows easy mixing and application.


In addition to all conventional indications for modelling resins, Pattern Resin LS provides superior results in the following applications: custom attachments, conical and telescopic crowns, implant suprastructures, implant transfer techniques, crown & bridge techniques, inlays and onlays, partial dentures and electroforming technique.


  • Minimal shrinkage and easy-to-trim for perfect adaptation and reproduction
  • High hardness and strength
  • High stability even for thin layers
  • Burns out without residue resulting in very clean casting surfaces

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