everX Flow Syringe 2ml Bulk Shade

everX Flow Syringe 2ml Bulk Shade


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Fibre-reinforced flowable composite for dentine replacement.

The strongest dentine replacement material to reinforce large restorations

  • Excellent fracture toughness close to that of dentine, thanks to a high amount of short fibres strongly bonded to the resin matrix
  • Efficient reinforcement of large posterior restorations in combination with a conventional composite as enamel layer
  • Indicated for all direct composite restorations, including large posterior cavities, deep cavities and endo-treated teeth
  • Also recommended for core build-up preparations

Choose between a fast bulk placement & a more aesthetic option

  • Bulk shade (depth of cure 5.5 mm) optimal for deep posterior cavities and for fast placement
  • Dentin shade (depth of cure 2.0 mm) optimal for core build-up and for more aesthetic results

Combining an optimal thixotropy & ergonomic advantages

  • Easy adaptation to every preparation
  • Controlled flow for an easy placement in upper molars without slumping
  • Ergonomic syringe delivery for a comfortable application


  • everX Flow Syringe 2mL (3.7g) Bulk shade x1
  • Dispensing Tip III Plastic x20
  • Light-protective cover

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