GC Reline II Soft Primer for Resin

GC Reline II Soft Primer for Resin


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PRODUCT CODE : 10001362

Soft silicone-based relining material.

Reline II Soft is an A-silicone material providing comfort and long-lasting elasticity for indications of sharp or bony alveolar ridges and undercuts. It is used to adapt dentures after extractions or implant surgeries. With a Shore A Hardness of 48,

Indications - Suitable for chairside and lab relining procedures:-

  • Relining of dentures in case of thin sensitive mucosa and resorbed ridges
  • Relining of dentures in case of sharp and bony ridges
  • Relining of dentures in case of bony undercuts (with difficulties involving insertion and/or removal of the denture)
  • Relining of implant-supported dentures


  • Resilient: acts as a cushion between the denture and the oral tissue to buffer masticatory pressure and solve anatomical problems
  • Can stay in place for weeks or months
  • Convenient cartridge delivery
  • Ideal viscosity, flowing under pressure to adapt to anatomical details
  • Long-lasting comfort & gentle relief: the material‚Äôs surface remains elastic, smooth and clean over time
  • Reline II Primer for Resin provides a long-lasting adhesion to the underlying denture
  • Reline II Remover for Resin makes it possible to easily remove & replace the relining layer
  • Reline II Finishing Material can be used to further seal the margins

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