Fuji IX GP Glass Ionomer Liquid

Fuji IX GP Glass Ionomer Liquid


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PRODUCT CODE : 10000052

Packable glass ionomer restorative in a normal and fast set.


  • GC Fuji IX GP is ideal for permanent or temporary Class I and II restorations in children‚Äôs teeth, non-load-bearing Class I and II restorations in adult teeth, Class V and root surface restorations, core build-up and for use with a composite or an inlay in the immediate or delayed sandwich technique


  • Easy-to-use packable posterior glass ionomer with high wear resistance
  • Intrinsic adhesion to dentine and enamel, without the need for etching and bonding or rubber dam
  • Can be used with metal matrices for easy contouring
  • Single step placement
  • Good radiopacity, facilitating postoperative diagnosis
  • Excellent biocompatibility

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