Krejci Kit

Krejci Kit


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Dr Krejci Kit with 3 Smooth Satin Handle Composite Instruments and 1 IMS Infinity 1/4 DIN Cassette.

Beavertail/Spatula Krejci XTS (TNCVKR1) - Small, sharp-edged universal spatula, edge-bent/ anatomically angled, sharp edged “beavertail spatula’ for extensive contouring of large anterior composite fillings.

Plunger/Probe Krejci XTS (TNEXBKR1) - Instrument for relatively small anterior restorations. Rounded plugger for composite adaptation in cavities/ sharp tip for anatomical modelling of occlusal relief.

Shepherd’s Hook Probe (EPD6578XTS) - For detection of caries and defects in restorations. Periodontal Probe 3-6-9-12 for assessing pocket depths.

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