Dentists are warning against new TikTok trends that sees social media users using dangerous DIY cosmetic dentistry methods at home.

The Daily Record reports that there have been a large number of beauty ‘hacks’ on the popular video sharing site, from scraping off moles, using nail files to shave teeth, and using bleach to whiten teeth.

Hack videos are very popular on TikTok, as young people love to share their methods of completing everyday tasks in an easier, simpler, or cheaper way. While some of the tips may be useful, some are potentially very dangerous.

The latest trend has seen people trying to save money on cosmetic teeth whitening by using hydrogen peroxide that can be easily bought in supermarkets and online. But dentists are strongly warning young people that this alarming trend can be very harmful.

The videos that are being uploaded to the social media site are showing people using 3 per cent hydrogen peroxide, or bleach, which they have bought online, and then using it as a mouthwash, rinsing their mouths out with the toxic liquid to try and whiten their teeth.

In the UK, cosmetic tooth whitening products on sale to the public must by law contain less than 0.1 per cent hydrogen peroxide, and only dentists are legally permitted to use whitening treatments that contain up to 6 per cent hydrogen peroxide. Any more than this is not only illegal, it is entirely unsafe.

Professional dentists are now trying to urge impressionable social media users of the dangers of using bleach and hydrogen peroxide on their teeth, and not to take part in the harmful trend.

Dr Krystyna Wilczynski, a cosmetic dental surgeon, told The Sun that it’s “extremely worrying” that people are willing to risk their health for cosmetic purposes. “It is incredibly unsafe and we as dentists are forever ensuring that we provide safe, registered and licensed FDA approved products to our patients,” she said.

Other dental practices, such as Templehall dental practice in Kirkcaldy, Fife, have posted similar messages and warnings to their social media channels to warn people of the dangers of the trend, saying that hydrogen peroxide is ‘highly toxic and dangerous’ and will cause severe pain and damage to both teeth and gums’.

The videos, hashtagged with #teethwhitening, have been viewed 332 million times on TikTok, confirming that the dangerous teeth whitening trend is being spread to a very large number of people globally.

Dentists have also been issuing warnings over the practice of shaving down teeth with nail files, which not only would be very painful, but once the thin layer of enamel is removed from the teeth, it will not grow back, leading to sensitive teeth, cavities, and the loss of the teeth’s lustre and whiteness.

If you do wish to get your teeth cosmetically whitened, it is advised to go to a dental professional.

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