The greatest feeling that a dentist often feels is turning a painful frown into a beaming, beautiful smile. Hearing the compliments about your service, and how you converted a dental-phobic into a regular by putting them and their needs first is fantastic feedback.

Those smiling patients have a much greater power to help your business, and by maximising the effect and exposure of these stories you can expand your business and help even more patients. Here are some tips to market your dentists and dentistry.

Get Testimonials

Many smaller businesses live and die on the strength of their feedback, and this is especially true for dentists. With customers and prospective patients being more discerning than ever, according to DentistryIQ, a positive review has a huge amount of power.

Ensure that your staff and dentists solicit feedback and ask patients to leave a review on your social media platforms, Google maps and other review tools like Trustpilot if you use them.

Along with this, ask for their permission to use their story on your website and social media in order to help others.

Before and Afters

High quality before and after photography is important as part of the treatment process. However, you can use this to very effectively show the transformation of a patient’s smile throughout their treatment process.

This obviously works best with particularly strong dental makeovers like all-on-four, dental implants and more major cosmetic and orthodontic dentistry, but every case shows a pattern of how your patients will look after treatment.

Tell Patient Stories

Testimonials can be turned into amazing stories, and make sure these stories are, with your patient’s permission, spread through as many avenues as possible. Website testimonials, as well as before and after imagery, and even video testimonials are elements that can convert a wavering patient into a regular.

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