The cosmetic dentistry industry is fiercely competitive, and it can be a struggle to get your voice heard above all the rest of the traffic.

So, in a time when dental practices are having to deal with the coronavirus reducing capacity, what steps can you take with your marketing to keep your business afloat?

We have seven ideas to help you get seen and get noticed, and attract more new clients.

1. Local Awareness Facebook Ads

You want to get the word out about your dental practice and the stellar services you provide, but you must specify who you market to. You will need to focus on your catchment area – there’s little point in someone in Manchester seeing your ads if you’re based in London.

Local Awareness ads are a fantastic way to reach a local audience, and you can include relevant details about your dental practice such as an address, distance to the business, opening hours, and a ‘Get Directions’ link. You can even include a call-to-action (CTA) call button to make an easy prompt to get in touch and make an appointment.

2. Mobile Call-Only Ads

Over half of all healthcare-related Google searches are performed on a smartphone, and one in 20 Google searches are healthcare-related. You can create ads tailored exclusively for smartphones with call-only campaigns through Google Ads.

3. Facebook Demographic Targeting

There is an incredible amount of demographic targeting available on Facebook, and you can use it to your advantage. You can target your audience by language, relationship status, employment, income, and interests.

There has been research that shows 90 per cent of dental purchasing decisions are made by women, so, for example, targeting ads toward women in your local area who have recently bought children’s clothes could put you at the head of the queue.

4. Appointment Reminders

Whether it’s in the form of an email, text message, postcard, or phone call, appointment reminders are vital to ensure your patients turn up – especially during the current crisis and reduced clinic capacity. This method can also be used to send appointment reminders for 6-monthly check-ups, annual cleaning, etc.

5. Google Maps Ads

An ad placed on Google maps can literally lead a potential patient directly to your practice. When ‘dentist’ is entered into the search bar, the results are shown on a map, and can even include CTAs.

6. Emergency Keywords

Bidding on keywords such as ‘emergency’ and ‘urgent’ is a simple way to attract clients with immediate needs and intent. But ensure that your practice can take on emergency cases, and there is an easy way to get in contact.

7. Instagram

Instagram has become a marketplace for many services, so why not create an Instagram account to show off your services, your team, events and announcements, and advertise to potential patients through social media. Regular updates will keep you in mind for your followers.

If you need assistance with digital marketing for dentists, contact our team today.