The British Dental Association (BDA) has said that bank account details of its members and correspondence with a trade body may well have been accessed in a cyber breach that took place on July 30th, with the organisation’s website offline since the attack occurred.

Digital privacy expert at ProPrivacy Attila Tomaschek told the BBC that the breach could have serious implications for those targeted, saying that the information taken could be used as a jumping-off point for hackers to gather more personal data from anyone affected.

“It is vitally important for any BDA user affected to remain on alert and be careful not to provide any information to anyone unfamiliar to them that may be requesting it,” he went on to say.

The BDA itself has told its members that it isn’t sure exactly what was accessed during the breach, but it is possible that patient information was exposed. It is now urging dentists around the UK to be wary of any correspondence incoming that claims to be from a bank.

Chief executive Martin Woodrow confirmed that an investigation is taking place but because the criminals are so sophisticated, the full extent of the breach is not yet known.

In light of this incident, you may want to review the cyber security of your own dental practice and the first step towards improving practices in this regard is to carry out a cyber security audit, which will reveal any weak areas that could be exploited. Training staff members can also prove very effective in reducing the risks of a breach.

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