Cosmetic dental procedures are often a significant investment for someone to make. While they bring many benefits and are certainly worthwhile for a great number of patients, it can be challenging to know how best to market these more expensive, and optional, dental treatments.

An article for Dental Economics recently offered some advice to practices who want to up their game in terms of their online marketing for these types of high-quality, expensive cosmetic dentistry procedures.

The first tip is to explore how you can appeal to people’s emotions, with the news provider noting that this will always make advertising of any type more effective. In the world of dentistry, it’s important to make sure that people feel safe coming to your practice and have confidence that you care about them as a person, and not just their money.

An article for CosmeticsDesign-Europe recently pointed to the importance of appealing to people’s emotions when creating advertising content, noting that emotional advertising is more effective at grabbing attention.

Speaking to the news provider, Patrick Fagan, consumer psychologist and founder and chief science officer at behaviour science start-up Capuchin, said: “You want to grab attention and get consumers to remember the brand, but also associate positive feelings with it.”

The Dental Economics article advised against being too eager to get people to call you to book an appointment. It cited research conducted among dental patients by Suzanne Boswell, a dental marketing consultant.

She used focus groups to find out what patients are looking for in a dentist and subsequently identified key qualities like caring, friendly, professional and up to date.

The news provider also pointed to other research conducted in the US, which found that patients looking for cosmetic dental procedures search for information in a very different way to those seeking general dental services. This means your marketing needs to change accordingly.

Those who are looking for high-quality cosmetic procedures want a lot of information about the procedures. They also want to see before and after photos of the dentist’s work. Around three-quarters of those looking for these types of expensive procedures also check reviews of a practice and dentist.

Making sure that your website is well written, contains relevant information and isn’t full of filler content is therefore important if you’re going to attract clients who are willing to pay for expensive cosmetic treatments.

You may also want to explore how you can share reviews from patients, that are either sent to your practice or that are left on social media or the likes of Google.

The publication also stressed the importance of your website being professional in its tone and avoiding ‘gimmicks’ that are designed to get patients to call, or that offer discounts on procedures. Check that your website design doesn’t let you down either and consider investing in a more professional website if yours is out of date and not looking as appealing as it could.

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