While the Coronavirus pandemic has certainly disrupted business and day-to-day life, that doesn’t mean your dental practice can’t thrive in 2020. Although we don’t know how long restrictions may last in the UK, we do know that patients will still need help with their oral health and access to good-quality dental care.

A recent article for Dental Economics shared the findings of a survey among over 6,000 dental practices in the US carried out by PostcardMania.

Although this is a US-based survey, the findings are interesting as they indicate that more dental practices plan to increase their marketing spend in 2020 than they did last year.

The poll found that 35 per cent of practices intend to increase the amount they’re spending on dental marketing in 2020, compared to 24 per cent of practices that intended to boost their marketing budget in 2019.

Joy Gendusa, founder and CEO of PostcardMania, described this finding in particular as especially heartening because it indicates that businesses are looking at how they can improve and change their marketing rather than just sticking with what they know.

“Marketing is always changing because consumers are always changing. You can’t stand still and expect to get the same returns – you’ll become obsolete!” she asserted.

Ms Gendusa also stressed the importance of focusing on online marketing channels, and in particular of building up good Google reviews for your dental practice. This is something that an increasing number of dental practices are doing in the US, she noted.

According to the latest survey, 75 per cent of practices stated that they have 25 or more reviews on Google, compared to just 55 per cent of practices who could make the same claim in 2019.

If you’re not sure where to begin with your online marketing, get some assistance with online marketing for dentists from a sector specialist who will be able to help tailor your strategies to suit your market.

As an article for Dentistry.co.uk recently pointed out, although the Coronavirus pandemic may mean that things have slowed down considerably at your practice, this gives you an opportunity to focus on how you can grow your business going forward.

Spending some of the time you have now to work on your marketing is one of the publication’s recommendations.

The news provider pointed out that dental practices are always going to be needed and that by keeping in touch with people during this period of lockdown, your business can be ready to start up again as soon as restrictions are lifted and it’s safe to start seeing patients again.

Among the things you can do at the moment are check your website and make sure that all of the content is up to date – probably a job that’s normally near the bottom of your to-do list – and make sure you’re keeping in touch with your existing clients via email. Think about any useful information you can provide to help them with oral hygiene while they’re at home.

What you want to avoid is sending out any emails that sound as though they are ‘selling’ anything, and instead focus on keeping in contact and providing helpful tips that people can engage with during lockdown.